Sun beds and booths, spray tan and luxury skin care products

Sun Kissed And Sexy

Whether you want to rock that “just off the catwalk” look or a sun-kissed surfer glow, a sweet tan is just a few steps away. BKKSUN features the newest, state of the art sunbed and spray tan services as well as skin care products to fit every taste.

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Nothing stands in the way of a beautiful, even tan. Looking to recline on a sunbed for a relaxing and re-energizing experience? Or how about a 360 degree tan in one of our high performance stand-up booths? BKKSUN studio has all the equipment, so try them all and find your sweet spot. Check out our sunbeds and booths, or find out more about BKKSUN promotions and special deals.

A Beautiful Tan In An Instant

Get a healthy splash of sunshine with BKKSUN’s All Natural Spray Tan. In just 15 minutes get a blast of beauty in a private suite. Our spray tan is quick drying. Pop in before you hit the streets of the city for that just off the beach full body tan.

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Our Stylists are well trained spray tanning experts. The end result is an exceptionally smooth, beautiful, natural-looking bronze. Find out more about our sunless tanning options, or make an appointment today.

The Best Skin Care Products

Tanning isn’t just about getting a beautiful sunny look — it’s about taking great care of your skin, too. Our indoor tanning lotions enhance your tan while also providing extra care, moisture and nourishment for your skin.

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We offer only the finest imported lotions. Our products are designed to provide special care for your skin while helping to extend your fabulous tan. Find out more about our skin care products, or talk to a Stylist at our studio.

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